Guest & Parent FAQYour Safety is Our Priority

We are all in this togetherand together we are stronger!

The Community First Champion Center is proud to be a partner to our community as we all come back stronger than ever. We know there are many in our area hurting and experiencing hardships. We are committed to providing a safe, clean, positive environment to help you and your family come and enjoy the activities you love the most.

What restrictions will be in place?

  • The Community First Champion Center is currently only open for practices
  • The Community First Champion Center will reduce capacity to allow participants to adhere to recommended social distancing guidelines
    • Fieldhouse and Seasonal Arena will be restricted to 1 Team Per Court, Main Rink will be restricted to 20 participants
    • Capacity reductions will be subject to change
  • Separate entrances will be utilized for each court in the Fieldhouse &Seasonal Arena. The Main Ice Rink will also utilize a separate entrance.  There will be no cross interaction between any of the teams.
  • Spectators will not be permitted
    • Spectators restrictions will be subject to change
  • Participants will not have access to any common areas within our facility
  • Activities that do not adhere to government guidance will not be allowed
  • Champion Center staff will be monitoring these restrictions. In the event guests will not comply with these practices, they may be asked to leave the premises

What is happening to enhance the safety and cleanliness of the venue?

  • Team Members
    • Our team members are temperature tested before starting work each shift
    • Team members are screened prior to each shift to ensure they do not currently have virus symptoms and have not been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19
    • We require all employees to report any illness to a supervisor
    • We require notification of any COVID-19 positive cases in a team members household
    • We will provide personal protective equipment including masks to all team members, and training on how to use it, based on CDC guidelines
    • Our team members are provided sanitizing stations and will be required to wash their hands frequently
    • We prohibit congregating of 10 or more team members in break rooms or common areas and limit capacity of such areas to allow for safe social distancing
  • Additional Cleaning/Safety Standards
    • Restrooms are cleaned with sanitizing solutions several times a day
    • We have placed signage throughout the venue encouraging distancing, hand washing, and other safe practices
    • We will be continuously monitoring and improving our operations for the safety of our athletes, spectators, and team members
    • We are committed to communicating with coaches, event owners, participants, vendors, and other visitors to the facility our guidelines and requesting everyone work together to keep us all safer
    • We are providing hand sanitizer in all areas

What process can Athletes, Participants, and other Guests at the venue expect for entry?

  • Signage will be posted at the entrance asking/informing guests the following:
    • Have you had exposure to COVID 19 in the past 14 days?
    • Have you experienced:
      • Cough or shortness of breath?
      • fever?
      • loss of taste or smell?
    • You are at an increased risk for COVID-19 if you are:
      • 65 years or older, have underlying lung/asthma conditions, have heart complications, suffer from diabetes, liver disease, severe obesity or are otherwise immune-compromised
    • Your health is your responsibility
  • We reserve the right to institute further COVID-19 screening to ensure guests are not endangering others.
  • Any Guest who has had symptoms or exposure will not be allowed in the venue.
  • If a symptomatic/exposed guest is a driver for another guest, they will be asked to wait in their closed vehicle until their passenger’s activities are completed.
  • Guests will be invited to use hand sanitizer stations upon entry and exit of the building. Sanitizing stations will be provided near main entrances.

Have questions?

We realize this is a difficult time and you may have questions about our policies and procedures. Use this form to send our team your questions and we will get back to you shortly.

Contact our team with any questions.