Things to Know Before Arriving to the Community First Champion Center

In order to maintain an enjoyable and safe environment, the Community First Champion Center staff ask that you follow the facility guidelines listed below during your visit. Fans, coaches and athletes who choose not to act in accordance with such guidelines will be asked to leave. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED TO THOSE DISMISSED FROM THE FACILITY. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

We Do Not Allow the Following:

  • Loud or abusive language
  • Unsupervised children
  • Fighting
  • Harassment
  • Loitering
  • Littering
  • Solicitation
  • Any illegal activities
  • Drugs/Tobacco/E-Cigarettes
  • Animals, with the exception of service animals
  • Stick handling or any dry land activities 
  • Food or drinks on the court in the fieldhouse

Act Responsibly and Help us Maintain Safety:

  • Do not run in concourse areas.
  • If you witness an injury, please report it to a Community First Champion Center team member.
  • Do not bring skateboards or roller blades.
  • Do not bring loudspeakers or artificial noisemakers.
  • The throwing of any items from the stands onto playing surfaces will result on ejection from the facility.

Food and Concession Stands:

  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED in the Community First Champion Center at any time. Food and drinks are available at the concessions area and the various vending machines located throughout the facility. Spectators 21 years and older can purchase beer and wine inside the Badger State Lounge. No alcohol will be allowed outside the Badger State Lounge at any time.

Smoking Policy:

  • Smoking or vaping is NOT permitted anywhere on the Community First Champion Center Fox Cities property.

Concealed Weapon Policy:

  • No concealed weapons of any kind are allowed on Community First Champion Center Fox Cities property.


  • Parking is permitted only in areas marked as parking spaces.
  • Vehicles illegally parked will be towed at the owner’s expense. 
  • Handicap parking spaces are reserved only for vehicles that have proper handicap identification.  
  • All other vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. 
  • Overnight parking is prohibited (including RVs and campers.)


  • Tickets for events will be sold at the information desk or in the Pro Shop in the main concourse.
  • Events occuring during heightened COVID19 protocols may have limited, pre-sale only ticket availability. Please check with event organizer or tournament director for details. 

Guest with Disabilities:

  • The Community First Champion Center team recognizes and strives to accommodate the individual needs of guests with disabilities. 
  • For information on seating for fans who use wheelchairs, as well as parking and additional services provided for fans with disabilities, please contact the Community First Champion Center at 920-659-4914 for further information.

Lost and Found:

  • The Community First Champion Center is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles. 
  • In order to recover lost items, please contact the Community First Champion Center at 920-659-4914. Lost water bottles, socks, towels and other frequently lost items will only be retained by Community First Champion Center for a limited time.


  • Public WIFI is provided by Spectrum and available for all events.